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Vie Medical Clinic
613 N. Broadway Suite C
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Toll Free: 866.443.0843
Our phone is answered 24 hours.

Hotline: 800.395.HELP

Office Hours
Mon 10am - 5pm
Tue 10am - 5pm
Wed Closed
Thu 10am - 5pm
Fri 10am - 3pm
Other times by appt.



If you're considering finding an abortion clinic, perhaps you're thinking:

  • The father is insisting on an abortion
  • I'm not ready to be a parent
  • I can't tell anyone I'm pregnant

We know exactly how you feel and you're not alone. Many of our staff have been where you are. If you're considering abortion, you need to know:

  • Are you really pregnant?
  • Is your pregnancy normal? Or are you at risk for natural miscarriage? Or do you have a tubal pregnancy requiring immediate medical attention?
  • How far along are you?

You may also be interested in knowing:

  • What kind of abortions are available to you?
  • What are your rights with abortion providers?
  • Are there any short-term or long-term risks to consider?

We can help you understand your choices and your pregnancy, discuss your health and explain your abortion options.

Call 620.235.0605 to reserve your appointment.


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